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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

In need this time of year?

Christmas has eluded me this year. I don't feel in the "Christmas Spirit". The needy families are overwhelming, no jobs, no money. I don't have a lot but I don't have to worry about my rent next month either.

I have been reading about the pros and cons of giving to the needy this year. I give, no matter what, I gave with a good heart and if someone has exploited me then that is on them, I did what I felt was right.

There is a woman down the street from me. She has 4 Children her husband works, and she has a in-home daycare. He makes enough money to take care of his family and with her extra income can afford things that most cannot. Here is my beef with them, she goes to the food pantry weekly, and has signed up for toys for tots and several other organizations in the area for toys for her children. She claims to have 7 Children in her home as well as her and her husband. When she goes to the Pantry she says 11 live in her home. These types of people are what hinder the really needy this time of year.

Then there is the lady across from us who holds down 2 jobs and has taken in her 2 grand-children because their Mommy and Daddy ran off. She gets no help what so ever, would never ask. She walks to and from work. She has a basket she wheels to the grocery store, and with both children in hand. She could use a little help in the food and clothing departments for them kids, but she wont go anywhere to ask, she says I get by. She has been really nice in letting us give little treats to the kids in the form of Clothing and toys, but we are not to spoil them. I think spoil...well she has a whole different opinion of spoiled than most. Her home is modest, clean, and very organized. Her grand-children behaved, polite and nice to be around.

These are two totally different situations and families, one that makes you rethink your giving and one that makes you think..I know someone just like her.

Again I give because it is my own reward to do so, so being used or not I give because I have a little extra to give not because its my duty, or because I have too, just because I can.

So I hope that this holiday season that you find it in your heart to help someone less fortunate than yourself.

Happy Holidays!

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