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Friday, December 12, 2008


I am finding it extremely difficult to bite back resentment for "lazy people". I try very hard to make my business as successful as possible, I market, advertise, blog, social network, back link just about everything I know to do to make it a success.

I belong to several group sites that primarily deal with sellers of a like type fashion, on this site we are suppose to help one another get ahead of the curve when marketing or advertising our businesses. I have posted blogs, wrote notes, and given information out that I have reserved for the book I am writing. Out of lets say 60 people 2 read the blog and are determined to do something about their situation. They work at their sites maintaining and envelope the theory that work+time=money.

Now here is my gripe, 58 are sitting on their butts watching the three or 4 of us who work our tails off market and advertise the collective site. I understand that you think that building your site and listing your items is hard work, and it is, but for a business to be successful there are so many more things that you have to do. Granted your business isn't going to do as well as mine, but I am sending leads and traffic your way and what are you sending me for all my effort. Not even a thank you, a great job or anything. Which by the way I don't want...I want you off your collective behinds and using the tools given you to make your site a success.

No wonder foreign countries surpass us in everything, we let them.


mybookbarn said...

Kudos to you for posting this! I have also noticed this & cannot for the life of me understand it! People go through the trouble of opening a store, getting it set up, listing all of their item's (speaking about those that even bother listing more than a few item's.) Yes, just that is a lot of work but if you expect for your store to do descent then there is so much more work that has to be done! Do these people think that they can open an online store & people automatically stumble across you!? No, that is not how it works! WHY people put that much time into something & THEN don't put the time & effort in to make it work is BEYOND ME!!!

midcenturymarilyn said...

Thanks, I've been feeling lazy lately, and I needed that push to get going again!