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Monday, January 26, 2009

Branding Your Store

Successful branding is about promoting your strengths. Start by thinking about what you're good at and what you believe in as a business. For example:

* particular skills - such as excellence in design
* high-quality customer service
* providing the best value for money in your marketplace
* innovation - perhaps in a niche market

You need to be sure that you can always deliver your promises using your strengths, sometimes referred to as "brand values".

How you get your name out can be done in several ways, word of mouth, word of mouse, link back, Blogging, Social Sites, just to name a few. But no matter how many of these techniques you use will work if you are not A. Consistent, B. Quality, C. Truthful, or D. Secure.

You must always use the same content every time you use any of the above techniques to "brand" yourself. If you say on Google that your "so eclectic you'll kitsch yourself" (thanks Marilyn)....then you need to say the same thing on msn, yahoo, altavista, and so on. If you say something different every time you try to brand yourself..then before you know it, your someone new each time. Not only do u need to use the same Title, but the same Slogan, Keywords, dont get me wrong there is going to be some fine tuning going on to get just the right optimization...example...say you use the keyword, "Jersey" and you use that keyword in all your branding...but you find out through keyword optimizing that "Jersey" isnt as good as saying "Cow" then you would want to change your keywords everywhere to insure that you are getting the best usage of your keywords. Remember this as well...once your in a SE, you dont have to continually go there and resubmit unless your information changes. You can be banned from a SE for spamming them with requests to be added to their submission rotation. Also too one will Brand you better than "YOU"! If a company says they will send your information out to all these search engines...dont trust it, take down the names of these so called search engines and do it yourself. I know its more time consuming, but again....there is guaranteed, and there is crossed fingers....

I cannot give definitive answers on how long it will take for your submission to show up on these sites but usually they give you a time frame, example...paid 2-4 days, non-paid reciprocal 2 weeks, non-paid non-reciprocal 12 weeks. Thing is keep track of every place you go, write down dates to follow up and do it on that date, I would suggest a weekly planner from the dollar store just for this. I have one. Its a life saver.

Here is something I need to drive home...DO NOT USE RECIPROCAL LINKS!!!!!!
If you dont remember why "OR" you never read the blog, "Google and Link Schemes" then go back and read it or read it for the first time. I am not going to type my hands off again to ahve the same 6 of us read sorry guys lol... BUT>>> If you were like me and have used them before I posted all of mine in the same spot, on the freewebs site on a page labeled Reciprocal Links..two reasons really, one it gave me a dead space to put them and two so it wouldn't clutter my ecrater site. If you dont paste those things in the first two lines they wont list you any way, WHO N the L wants them things cluttering up their home page????? That page is suppose to be about your site not someone else. Am I right? Of course I Nuff said about Reciprocal...

I would suggest to everyone...or at least to those who take the time to read this... Be consistent with your linking, use strong keywords and meta-keywords, have useful great content in the site, and make sure that the content you use is always the same. You cant use something different on each site, it doesn't set you up as a secure, knowledgeable company, it confuses the Search Engines thinking you could be different people or sites, and if they are confused just think about how the customer may feel?

Hope this helps...


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