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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Childrens Guidelines CPSIA

To help with the mass hysteria that is going on with this CPSIA ban for Childrens items I decided to get the facts and place them here. Please folks why all the hoopla when all you have to do is read? The CPSIA is primarily for manufacturers, they just want them to quit using lead in their products, and god knows we dont need any more pollutants in our systems.
I know there has been lots of talk as to whether we should quit selling or not quit selling the items that we have. Here is the information cut down without all the rigmarole in just plain English. So here it goes.

CPSIA Information for Retailers and Resellers of Children’s Products, including Thrift Stores, Consignment Shops and Charities

Question: I run a small shop that sells new and used clothes, jewelry, shoes and toys for children. Do I need to test the products I sell?
No, you are not required to test. However, retailers and resellers (including those who sell on auction Web sites) cannot knowingly sell children’s products that do not meet the requirements of the law. You can protect yourself by screening for violate products. But more importantly, as a business person, you do not want to be selling products that have the potential to cause harm to anyone, especially a child. Sellers should avoid products likely to have lead, phthalates, or do not meet mandatory toy standards (see Table C for a general guide to commonly sold goods).
It is now against the law to sell a recalled product. Remember to check the list of recalled products on the CPSC web site as a number of children’s products have been recalled.

Be wary of certain products: very soft vinyl or plastic toys (excluding latex or silicone), or other children’s products where the plastic is soft enough to enable an infant to grasp it more readily, may contain phthalates. Your safest course is not to sell or accept these products unless you know they don’t contain phthalates.

Can I sell vintage children’s books and other children’s products that are collectibles?

Yes. Used vintage children’s books and other children’s products sold as collector’s items would not be primarily intended for children. Because of their value and age, they would not be expected to be used by children. Therefore, they do not fall into the definition of children’s product and do not need to comply with the lead limits.

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