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Thursday, March 25, 2010

How I became a collector.

I began collecting things the day my son was born, almost 19 years ago. It was a kind of awakening of some sort. He was here and I truly had nothing to offer the child, or what I thought was of consequence. I was a college student when I got pregnant and very confused as to where my life was heading let alone what I was going to do with a newly acquired child.

The next day after my son arrived, I was walking down to the nursery with some family members when I saw a comic book stand, and thought, well why not, it is an investment after all and would be something most boys are into, so even if he didn't want to collect them, he would more than likely read them. So I bought one of each kind on the spinning stand. My family just kind of laughed at me and then purchased about 10 Little Golden Books.

Needless to say, he never once picked up a comic book, but did wear them Golden Books out! About the time my son turned 13 I showed him all the comics that I had collected for him, and he was amazed, there were over 4000 in our "little" collection. He gawked and oohed at them for about 10 minutes. I was explaining the values and showed him some books I had purchased on Comic Book Collecting, and how they increase (hopefully) in value as they get older and if they are kept in very good condition. Mind you that for the past 13 years I had purchased, bagged and back boarded all 4000+ comics we already owned. He eyed me with a bit of "are you crazy" before letting me know he just was not that interested in "collecting" comics he was in fact a POWER RANGER..... god help me.... So of course, I continued collecting comics, because "Mother Knows Best" and for his birthday's and other said holidays we got POWER RANGERS... then came POKEMON, and YUGIOH, and so on and so forth, until he got into video games... then it was video games, Power Rangers, Pokemon, and Yugioh! Wish I would have had the forethought to keep all those toys around once he grew out of them.

I don't collect comics like I use to, I still buy and sell them, and Have a collection of them, but not like I use to, my son has not taken an interest and I figure It is a great beginning for him if he does decided that he would like to continue with the endeavor. It is a nice little legacy I can hand down to him, or maybe a grandchild....(bite your tongue) not quite ready for that yet!

I do have a collection for myself, I collect Harry Potter memorabilia. Just began this collection round Christmas time, so its pretty small, I look forward to finding all the great things that are floating around out there. The hunt is on.

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