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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Twitter Promoted Tweets

So there is a lot of buzz going around right now as to Twitters new
"Promoted Tweets". There are both pro attitudes as well as nay
attitudes. We know what the driving force for it is, revenue that's what
makes the world go round. But what impact if any does it have on us as
regular users, I mean we just got into the main stream of twittering,
and the site has a twitter feed, so on and so forth, but what is the end
product for us. I have read several posts and newsletters and here is
what I can decipher.

1. Twitter made deals with MSN and Google to have paid tweet streams post higher than non paid tweets.
2. Some of the advertisers including Starbucks, Virgin, Sony and Best Buy.
3. Each Target Niche Markets.
4. Paid Keyword Advertising.
5. Keyword Bidding, highest bidder winning the keyword.
6. Leading to Ads being in message streams throughout twitter itself.
7. Company over the past year has hired in management teams from Disney, Pixar and Google
8.Future to make it an IPO Company and Trade-able commodity.

The days of ad free twitter is going to be a thing of the past, the plan is
to place the brand in front of all its users. Ads will be based on
keyword usage. Meaning, if you use a keyword in a tweet or any of your
friends tweet about it, then you get the ad for it. Example, tweet: Good
morning all, sitting have a nice cup of coffee and a bagel to start my
day. Then off to work I go. You will now get ads for coffee and bagels.
Not that you wanted to be spammed with all that junk. I don't think I
would mind a tweet a day or something like that but to continually tweet
me ads will get annoying really quick.

I am not sure if parroting google is the best thing for a social network
that has prided itself on the "people" being the ones in control of
their tweets and streams of tweets coming through their home page. I
mean come on, there are some ads I would never want to see. Some age
appropriate or non age appropriate. For me it is a medium to do
business, and I don't want my page to project my acceptance of a product
or brand unless I myself have said, yes I would do business with this
person or personage. I love promoting my friends at ecrater, but I would
hate to see ads for eBay or some other site on my page. It doesn't
benefit me in any way. I will be keeping a close eye on twitter now and
the news surrounding it and the promotions they choose to use and how.
For now it seems relatively limited only in search's, but the minute
they want to place them on my page, I might have second thoughts.

Just my ideas. What have you guys heard? Comments, suggestions...concerns?

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