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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pokemon Trading Card Game

I Think this is such a great game, children as well as adults find it competitive as well as rewarding. Thing don't even have to play the game to love the cards. People collect the cards as much if not more than there are players.

I got into Pokemon cards when my son was around 7, he had older cousins who we bought packs for at Christmas or for Birthdays or any other general Holiday or event. He was so excited for them that he wanted to get some pookie cards as was so cute I had to buy him pookie cards. He of course bent them and wore them to smithereens and had no idea of value or trade worth. He just knew they were what his cousins wanted and so they had to be awesome! After about 4 packs down the proverbial drain I decided that if he wanted to "get" cards that he would have to put them in binders like his cousins and he would have to keep them safe from water and dirt and such, let me say that to a 7 year old this was murderous....heaven forbid he have a toy that is not "touchable". We had rules you see, he was not allowed to touch my collectibles but was always allowed to play with his toys..and I was giving him a toy that was not playable... needless to say...he didn't want pookie cards anymore... well until he was 10 at least, but by then he had a grasp of value and trade worth and did well at keeping his good cards versus the not so good ones. We had books and magazines that told us prices and stuff.

It was then that I had decided that we should open a store that catered to the games like Pokemon, Yugioh, Magic the Gathering, D & D and so forth. We played and still play all the games and collect for the sake of deck building not for the sake of having sets. We enjoy the gaming and it has been a hobby I can do with my son. We are both very competitive and are each others lean too when it comes to how to build decks and play them. Some times we are winners and sometimes we don't win, but either way we have a blast.

Story of Pokemon: via
In 1998, Pokémon fans in the U.S. got their first taste of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Collectors loved the cards for the amazing artwork and special features; gamers loved the strategy and balanced complexity of a game they could play with friends, in local competitions, or at tournaments. The Pokémon Trading Card Game continues to get better and better.

Here is a link to their site with demos to teach you how to play the game.

Buy a deck...learn to play...grab your kid...and play!!!

It is a proven statistic that children who have relationships with their parents rarely do drugs, drink, or have premarital sex. So find something today that you and your children can do together, take the time to be there and them the love they deserve.

Have a great day!

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