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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Perentie Art by Elaine Williams

I was at an auction a couple weeks ago and came upon a piece of art that I found was unique and beautiful. I am no art connoisseur or even a collector. Generally when I am at an auction and see art, I just walk on by with no regard to it. Just never been my thing. Technically, I didn't really look for this piece of art either, it came by chance. I was sitting with some friends when the piece came up, I heard Australia and glanced up to see what they were talking about. I love the color orange and all things earthy so it caught my eye immediately. Thus began the bidding war. Everyone who knows me was wondering what in the world I was doing, I never buy art, and Liz was just as floored. Bidding done, and I came out the winner!!!!! I couldn't really explain my wanting for this piece of art, but was pleased I had purchased it. I found a site with information about the artist and her work:
Here is the information about her that I found on the site.

Name: Elaine Williams
Age: 40+
Skin Name: Knawarraye-Ngungarrayi (of Kaditch Anmatjere, Arrernte and Walpiri descent)
Born in Alice Springs in the Northern Territory, Elaine has been painting for over 15 years.


My mother has been a significant force in my life, she has enriched my life with stories, and given me the knowledge to enhance my life by teaching me to be proud of who I am, and of my Aboriginal heritage. A proud and true race.

I have been taught to respect all things in life. Respect for the people, the earth, the ants and for the moon and stars. Everything we are and all that we know is Universal, for this we must give our respect. In giving we receive.

I am inspired by my Mother and my Grandfather’s connection to this land, the flora and fauna, also their connection to the universe. My paintings are from the earth to the skies. The positions from above are where our ancestors look over us in their totem form.

There is more information about Elaine and her work on the site, as well as pieces of her work.

I encourage you to step out of your shell and see what interesting information or piece of history or art you can find and share with others.

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