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Sunday, January 30, 2011


" Water and windmills, greenness, Islets green;--
Willows whose Trunks beside the shadows stood
Of their own higher half, and willowy swamp:--
Farmhouses that at anchor seem'd--in the inland sky
The fog-transfixing Spires--
Water, wide water, greenness and green banks,
And water seen--"
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

This was a trying blog for me, because as far as the eye can see .... I got Snow, 3 foot of it. So water as inspiring as it should be.... just makes me remember how messy this all will be when it melts. UGH! So on the plus side, instead of doing one about water, I am going to focus on the items that are fun around the water.

This was one of the cute things that I saw when looking for items for the scavenger hunt this even though you wont find this particular basset hound at the beach, you could find it's brother.

Hazel has this adorable Basset Hound figure in her store, he looks so tired bearing the weight of its masters pocket remnants in his tray, but he will pull through!

Basset Hound Figure

The second thing I found was Wolfie's Hawaiian Shirt, talking about Kawabunga Dude!

Mens Winnie Fashions Tropical Hawaiian Shirt

Mens WINNIE FASHIONS Hawaiian Shirt Surfboards Size XL Preowned

These sure did cheer me right up and make me long for summer and fun in the sun...

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