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Thursday, September 15, 2011


I grew up knowing just one of my grandparents, my GG.  She was my mothers, mother.  Stood 4ft 9 inches and Cherokee Indian.  She sat with me and my brother a lot when we were kids, she never drove so we walked everywhere.  She took me to my first movie, Popeye, bought me a Wonder Woman doll that had to be 2 ft tall, and worried about me and my wandering ways.  I probably wasn't an easy child to tend too, I had to constantly be busy, that hasn't changed any, so I would wander...walking all over town looking for adventure or something to do.  Most of the time it was something to do, there were no "adventures" where I was from. I would upset her so much because I would forget to tell her where I was going...problem was...I never knew where I was headed. 

My GG was never a real collector of things or shopper so finding items that reflect my grandmother is difficult.  She loved it when we made her things.  I could crochet lines, couldn't connect them, so I would get all these lines together and tie them at the top and bottom and she would hang them on the wall for me.  She had lots of them on the walls, it was my specialty.  Mud hand prints were also a biggy for me she used them as ashtrays. She loved watching Perry Mason and Andy Griffith and she slept with a 38 short nose revolver. 

I miss my GG very much but know that she is looking down on me making sure I don't wander too far and if I do she redirects me back home.

 My GG loved the color Orange so this Amberina would have been a favorite of hers.

Moon and Star compote No. 5203

 GG loved prints of cute children, I think this would have been one she would have liked.

 Ephemera 3 Children eating a cake with Dog Watching D A C New York

You can find this print in our store at

She would have loved her Herbs in these planters.

 Planter Trio, Shades of Sand and Jade, Ceramic

I love reminiscing about my GG she was such an intricate part of my childhood. She loved me and did her best to show me, I miss her and am very thankful for all the memories I have.


Linda said...

What a great post! Grandparents are always special and they can get away with anything ;)

Hazel said...

How wonderful to remember our loved ones. Great Blog!

carolinabluelady said...

Loved reading your story about your grandmother. Grandmothers are so special! Thanks for including my bowl.

Bargain Express said...

Thanks for sharing such sweet memories of your GG with us :)