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Sunday, November 9, 2008


I was on my way into Walmart yesterday IN the POURING Rain, when I noticed that it was the time of year when the Veterans come out and raise money for those who served our country during any war. I watched people pass the men by without a glance, and thought...and I know this will sound very mean...but I thought...For every person who walks by today,without donating or even thanking the person who kept enemies of our nation off our soil, that there should be a recruiter standing on the other side of the door shipping their butts over seas and bringing one of our loyal boys or girls home. I bet your asking yourself was she in the military...well as a matter of fact yes I was PROUDLY in the United States Navy, but that notwithstanding, I am American, and should be thankful that someones son or daughter gave their lives so that I wouldn't have to. There is a country song that asks the question "Have you forgotten" now I ask..Have You?

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mybookbarn said...

Very well written! Kudos to you! :)