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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Really???? Just 2 Days After Christmas Really???

Seriously Folks This was everywhere "EVERYWHERE" I went in Walmart yesterday. I wish I did not need to go pick up medication from the Pharmacy, it was 1 a mad house in there just from the want to find great deals 50% off shoppers, but then you include these I didnt just get a tree-full of present Spoiled, Temper Tantrum Throwing Kids in there.

It was not the hustle and bustling of feet you could hear or the talks of people exchanging pleasantries about the past few days of Holiday activities. It was screaming, yelling, crying shrieking kids. Moms saying things to them like but you just got all kinds of things from Santa, wasn't that enough......OK Mistake 1 don't ask your spoiled rotten child if they got enough......because obviously THEY DIDN'T!!!!!!!!

I would like to congratulate these parents who don't have time to discipline their children for sending them to Public Schools where they can terrorize the less than well paid Teachers for 8 hours a day, for making my life miserable in grocery stores, flea markets, restaurants, malls and other retail outlets, for raising children who think they are the be at that ends all. Thank you for making the rest of us have to deal with your obnoxious, misbehaving spoiled brats.

Thing is my friend and I were not the only ones making comments about these children and their parents. You heard things like ...why dont they take them to the car, or wonder how long it took for these kids to figure out they can make a display like this and get what they want.

One woman literally stood there for 10 minutes discussing with her 5 year old daughter that she just had 62 presents under the tree and that not getting this Hannah Montana Gift Box would not be the end of the world, just to have the five year old start saying over and over while getting louder and louder....I want that Hannah Montana Bod....I want that Hannah Montana Box...I WAnt that Hannah Montana box....I WANT THAT Hannah Montana Box......until finally the mom put the box into the shopping cart.

We saw the woman not 2 minutes later down another isle and the little girl found yet another thing she wanted...this time the mom started with but I just agreed to buy the Hannah Montana Box...with the 5 yo saying but mom I want you can choose this or the Hannah Montana Box...I won't choose said the little girl as she began to scream...and I began to run the other direction...the scream abruptly stopped and the perfume was in the basket....

For those of us who care enough to say no......Kuddo's.....we care enough to teach our children that not everything in life comes cheap or free....that hard work and good behavior prevails in the end.....

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