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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Something nice to wake up to this morning.

I woke this morning to two emails from recent customers. Generally I sit and wait for a feedback to be made on my site, which very few people do that. So you can see how amazed I was to find that I had emails from customers.

The first email came from a lady who purchased a Avon Baby's First Christmas Ornament 1989.

She wrote:
Hi, Just wanted to let you know I received my ornament today. I am thrilled with it. I had one a while ago for my daughter when she was born. It broke and I'm very happy to now have another. Thank you. Sincerely, E B

The second came from a lady who ordered a Puppy Piggy Bank she first made the order back in May, had a family emergency asked if she could reorder at another time and we said yes, if it was still available, We have had over 100 hits on it every month and never once sold it, even have had questions about the dog, but no sale, we figure this bank belonged to her and we just didnt know it.

She wrote:
Hi!I just wanted to let you know that I received the Puppy Piggy Bank and
I'm very satisfied with my item and I also wanted to thank you for letting
me be your customer.I also need your ecrater website address so I can look
to see what else you have for sale.Thanks for your help! Susan

It is nice to know that people appreciate you for being who you are, a small
business owner. It is so hard to get and keep a good reputation on here,
sometimes all it takes is one person to kill it all. So it is really nice to
get good feedback from people who are happy with you and your product.

Happy Holidays all,
And many wishes for wake up notes to all of you.


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