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Friday, November 26, 2010

Day after Thanksgiving

I don't know about everyone else, but the day after Thanksgiving is my cue to start Christmas. It means it is time to go to the attic or basement and dig out your tree, ornaments and decor. I like it because I always forget that I bought new ornaments or decorations from the prior year at a huge discount and put them away for the next year, so its always like opening a present before present day!!!! Yippie!!!!!! In case you cannot tell I get excited about decorating for the holidays.

I have a 9ft tree in the basement, but because my rooms are small, I cannot get it in a room, so I have 2 3 ft trees I use instead. This year I am letting Jess decorate one of the trees any way she wants, and it will of course be Black and Purple. It has turned out really cute, it has purple and clear lights on it, and satin and sparkly ornaments of purple and black snowflakes also sparkly.

We have decorated the banister in multicolored lights and tinsel, with silver bows on each spindle. It helps tie in my tree with Jess's tree, although Jess's tree gets presents under it that are not I had to throw that in, she was thinking she wasn't going to share.

The tree I decorated has multicolored ornaments, both balls and decorative. I have also added some small pick ornaments to the tree and some unique items that I would not usually have or see on a tree, like antique keys, just thought the brass keys would be an nice addition to the tree, and they are cute, I only had 4, I don't like having the same kind of anything on the tree, so I only put a few on anyway and the keys made a nice addition. I also decorated the window behind it to look like a present, so that is cute as well.

We have Santa in a few places and a family of snow people, as well as light up figures. Outside we are just getting started, but we plan on having our 12ft Grinch blow up out and running on the side yard, as well as candy cane striping the front porch. We have added Tin Soldiers to the mix this year as well. So lots to still do and little time to do I guess I should get off here and get to it!

Happy Holidays everyone, and look for the pictures to come of our decorating extravaganza!


Bargain Express said...

I LOVE purple! Can't wait to see the pictures :)

Linda said...

What? no picture now?! You just said Jess's tree is up? Let's break out the camera people!

I can just picture it all now. And add those cookie smells and it's the perfect holiday place to be!