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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Harry Potter 7 Part 1

I know that for most grown people the Harry Potter Series might seem a little out there or far fetched, childish whatever the term is....but I am here to disagree 100%.

I have read every book and watched and own every movie that has thus far been out. I find the characters relate-able as well as believable if you take the magic aspects out of the equation. Normal people with normal lives, a boy being raised by family and teachers who care about the well being of students. You add some adventure, romance and even some suspense and you have the movies down pat.

I want to say that so far the last book is shaping up very well in the movie house! I and my 4 companions went to the premiere this past case anyone missed it in any of my status We dressed in character and had a wonderful time. I went as the schools now deceased headmaster Professor Dumbledore, Liz went as Professor Mcgonagal, Jess went as Professor Snape, Cinnamon went as Professor Traloney and Vic went as Ron Weezley. Over all the entire experience was EXCELLENT! We were asked to get pictures made with people who were also attending the movie, as well as people driving by noticing us all dressed up and asking as well...we felt like celebrities. This was not mine or Liz's first premiere but it was by far one of the most fun.

I encourage everyone to step out of the stigma that these are movies for kids and see what the wonderful world of Harry Potter has to offer you.

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