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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Greeting Cards

Christmas is that time of year when friends and family begin sending cards, I love getting Christmas cards, I have a neat holder of a snowman who keeps them all safe and displays them beautifully. Last year I got a card from a customer who was 11 years old, thanking me for having a toy in stock that her mom loved as a kid. She purchased the doll in August for her mom's birthday in September. This was her first internet purchase and her father helped her with all the "paperwork" (checkout). She was so delighted to find it and in the price range agreed upon with dad. I was taken totally aback when I got the card, as in 10 years of business it was my first card from an online customer. I now carry Christmas cards in my store, but I don't carry the ones that come in boxes or all look the same, I have cards that I get from estate sales and auctions and generally have one or two of. Most of the time they are all from the 60's and 70's but I have come across some 20's and 30's. There is quite an array of cards, whether for Christmas or Confirmation. I love buying them, going through them and posting. There is always such a nice variety and style to choose from. Here are some I have in my store.


Linda said...

What a great story! And tying it in to current 'stock' would put anyone in the mood to start browsing!

Bargain Express said...

I love looking at the old cards and you have some great ones in your ecrater store. Thanks for the reminder!