Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Two things on my Christmas List

I am a weird duck, I suppose, easy to buy for unless I am the one shopping for me, so this blog was a bit harder for me to write than most blogs I can dish out in a few mins. I have been searching and wandering the site for about an hour now trying to find my 2 items.... There are lots of great, interesting and lovely items to shop through, and I found tons for everyone else in my life. Here are the two I narrowed down for me.

Upcycled Pincushion Puddle Duck Print

I don't sew often, but when I do it is a huge project, like costumes for a Harry Potter Premiere, or the such, sooo I never have a place to stick my pins when i am pulling them out of the fabric, so this is both cute and functional, and I don't have one.

Useful and beautiful, this very cute puddle duck print pincushion will add charm to your sewing area. Perfect for the duck collector on your gift list.


My second choice comes from A my love of music and b, because my CD just wont play all of the songs on it, weird, new and doesn't work. I love this CD it is one of my Favorites!

Avril Lavigne: Let Go (2006)

track List:
01. Losing Grip
02. Complicated
03. Sk8er Boi
04. I'm with You
05. Mobile
06. Unwanted
07. Tomorrow
08. Anything But Ordinary
09. Things I'll Never Say
10. My World
11. Nobody's Fool
12. Too Much to Ask
13. Naked


So here is my thoughts on some of the wishes on my Christmas List...I mean, don't get me wrong if Eartha Kitt can get Rings and Condos from Santa Baby....then why cant I?

Happy Holidays All!
From Comycgyrl Collectibles

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