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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Family Game Time

Jaddi Lifestrider Magic Card

Jaddi Lifestrider Rise of Eldrazi Creature Elemental Green uncommon Magic Gathering Single Card

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This is actually a game that my family and I like to play together. It is a card game that transforms you into a wizard who can make land, summon creatures and cast spells. We enjoy playing it with friends who come to visit and just as a way to relax.

Not all creatures have abilities or powers, but that doesn't mean to count them out, it just means they are tiny ankle biters that will hang on for dear life killing you bit by bit, or it could be some Elemental coming to rip you limb from limb. Either way, your dead if you don't get your wits about you and remove them from the battle field.

Magic is a thinking game, like chess, you have to be three steps ahead of your foe, and calculate their every move, if you don't... well that's the game!

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Bargain Express said...

We love games at our house. I've never played any of these but you have some really nice cards :D