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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Star Wars and T-Storm Graphics

About a month ago T-Storm got a really cute Teapot set from me so that her and her grandchild could "do tea". We decided that instead of purchasing that maybe we could do it out in trade, and in doing so she custom made me two graphics. One for Harry Potter and the other for Star Wars, both went into my game room. I love the graphics and they were a cinch to put up. I love the art work deal on the wall, it made it personal and fun. I was browsing her store today looking for some other ideas and gift ideas, when I stumbled upon this which I LOVE!!!!!
You can choose colors and its great to customize it to fit your decor or room.

Here is what I did with the graphics she made for me. Did I mention that I love them????

As you can see They came out wonderfully and look GREAT!!!! This was my first time installing the wall art and the instructions were clear and concise, me and my 15 year old did it in one hour.

I completely recommend T-storm and all of her work. Am looking forward to doing business in the future.

Visit T-Storm Graphics at her store and my store Comycgyrl Collectibles at for great gift ideas.


Walls That Talk said...

You did a wonderful job installing! Thank you for the great comments. The tea set matches our Granddaughter's room perfectly and is so cute displayed on her shelf.

Linda said...

Great post! How cool that you were both actually able to do a little bartering in the process. Your walls look great and I know T Storm has wonderful wall art for sale. My best to both of you!