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Thursday, May 12, 2011


Family, well isn't that a broad term now a days, use to be that family was the people in your life that your parents were related to thus you were as well. Aunts, uncles, cousins or grandparents, blood related family. But the scope of the family has evolved, regrouped and just plain blew up boundaries. I have a nice blood family, with that being said we are not close, we don't call share tweets or even facebook for that matter, but they are my family.

I have a more non-traditional family built of people who I enjoy being around and who enjoy being around me, I now have siblings I share weekly get together with either via the internet or in person. We share holidays, birthdays and even sorrow together. Knowing that this non-traditional family is here for me blesses and enriches my life on a daily basis.

I am proud to say that some of my family members share a common place with me at ESN. We have seen each other through good and bad times. We care for each other and our lives outside of a business forum, and we treat each other like family. I thank each and everyone of them for being there for me. Cuz lets face it, I am needy! Haaaaaa

Vintage McCoy Pottery Two Fawn Deer Woods Planter

Small McCoy planter with two deer grazing along woods

Vintage Salt & Pepper Shakers Asian Boy & Girl

Vintage set of Oriental/Japanese/Asian boy and girl salt and pepper shakers. Made in Japan of glass/ceramic. They are about 3 1/2" tall. You can see more pictures, get all the details, and make a purchase at:

For a wide variety of items, shop at:

You can find all kinds of great items in any of our ESN members stores and hope you and your family "Live, Laugh and Love"!

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Bargain Express said...

Very blessed to be a part of your e-family - thanks for including me!