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Saturday, September 10, 2011

This and That

I have tried to be very versatile in my store, having a background that tends to lean more into the collectibles categories like comics and cards; it has been both enjoyable and intense in learning about all the other items I now carry in my store. I had no idea how many patterns of glass there was or makers of porcelain or china. I never knew what ephemera was or that people collect bookmarks. I do have fun finding all these neat and unique items to sell in my store. Here are a few things I think are interesting, hope you enjoy them as well.

Vintage Frog and Mushroom Salt and Pepper Shaker Set Retro Brown

A really cool set of shakers, one is a frog and the other a mushroom, both are brown with accents of greens and yellows.

3 Piece Pot Holder Set Fishing Motif Lures Fisherman Trout

 Handmade 3 Piece Pot Holder Set, 1 Large 2 smaller the 2 smaller ones are alike they have lures all over the front and brown suede looking on the back and measure 7.5" wide the Larger one has depictions of a man in different scenes fishing. It measures 11". 



Kiss Psycho Circus Nightmare Child Promotional Card

 Promo Card to promote Game.
The game's story revolves around a KISS tribute band, who suddenly receive superhuman powers.

You can find more items like these and much more at our store Comycgyrl Collectibles


Linda said...

Nice variety of items! You're a work in progress!

Bargain Express said...

The salt and pepper set is adorable!